Cheap Flights Ahead

Travel is in the air. For those of you who have caught, or are on board to catch the travel bug, you know it can be hard to afford the trips that you have been fantasizing about. Although buying flights may wind up not to be the most expensive part of your trip depending on where you go and how long you stay, flight prices are often the biggest barrier to pulling the trigger on that dream vacation. Here is our run down on some of the top places to check for cheap flights.
Skyscanner: often better for European flights, this platform scans the internet for the lowest fares. You can even put in a setting with dates and no destination and it will let you know where the cheapest place to go is! Perfect if you want to travel and are open to where.

Scott’s Cheap Flights: Another option for European travel, often showing $400 or less fares to destinations like Paris, Oslo, etc. and $200 flights to the Caribbean and Mexico. This platform provides international flight deals for all over the world. You can sign up to receive cheap flight notifications for free, or pay a low annual fee and get even more deals sent to your inbox. If you plan on taking big trips and have the ability to book when the deal comes in, it is worth it.
Hopper: This is an app that shows you the cheapest days/ months to fly to where you want to go, and lets you know the best time to buy. You can have it watch a certain fare for you and let you know when the price is at it’s lowest, if you should wait to buy, or if you should buy now.
Skiplagged: Skiplagged tries to find loopholes in flights to get you the best deal. For example, a flight from Boston to…Dallas might be $200, but a flight from Boston to San Francisco with a layover in Dallas is $100…Pretty cool stuff, even just to look at.
ITA Matrix: This is an very powerful platform, sometimes complicated but if you can sift through it you can find some amazing deals.
Airfare Watchdog: We follow these folks on twitter, but they have a website as well. Sometimes they have unbelievable finds. I once saw Dubai round trip from New York for around $300. You can also have the opportunity to fly some pretty high class airlines.

*Something to Remember
Southwest Airlines does not show up on many of these platforms, but is always worth checking for flights within the US and to some nearby areas like Mexico and the Caribbean. Southwest is also great as a backup plan because you can always cancel your flight and get a refund, or if you buy the lowest fare, you get a flight credit toward your next flight to be used within a year. As long as you plan to travel, your money is not lost if you decide to change your plans. Some airlines like Icelandair offer decent flight deals with free extended layovers in Iceland, so you can add a destination to your trip for free. Not to mention, we highly recommend visiting Iceland any time of year, it is awesome.  Check for deals like this on other airlines as well.

PLEASE remember to always make sure you are signed up for an airlines rewards program, and check different ways that you can earn points doing every day things. For instance, If you have a TrueBlue account with Jet Blue and launch through your TrueBlue account, you can earn points towards a flight for what you buy on Amazon.

Bon Voyage!

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