Get Cash Back

These days, there is no excuse to pay full price for almost anything. The only way to accumulate wealth is to do just that, keep it without spending it. Getting cash back on purchases is a great way to add back to your money pile. It is money you were planning on no longer having, so you can make helpful rules around this “new” money, such as deposit it directly into a savings account, that you are not allowed to touch, invest it in stocks, or pay off debt. The following are my favorites so far, leave yours in the comments!


Ebates has an extremely easy to use platform that allows you to shop online or in stores at many popular stores and earn cash back on your purchases, on top of discounts. It is pretty amazing. They are even offering $10 free just for signing up and shopping through them. They even have a button you can add to google chrome that will let you know if you are on a site that has an ebate, and they will apply coupons to your purchase! Sign up by clicking the button!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


Ibotta is an app that gives you cash back for purchases made in stores and online. Before I shop, I check Ibotta to see if anything I need is giving cash back for a certain brand. If so, I buy that product and get money back! For in store purchases, you just take a photo of your receipt in the app to redeem, and for online purchases you launch the store from a link in the app.  There is even a $1 back per ride offer from Uber! every time I need to order Uber, I launch Uber from the Ibotta app, and I get a dollar back.

Download Ibotta Here

Checkout 51: 

Checkout 51 is very similar to Ibotta, you can redeem cash back on products you buy in stores by uploading your receipt. There are not as many options on Checkout 51, but it is worth taking a peak to see if they are giving money on any products you already buy.

Checkout 51


Little known fact, if you link a visa card to your Uber account, and activate “visa local offers” in your settings, you will get Uber credit added to your account when you use that Visa card at participating restaurants or retailers! It adds up faster than you may expect, and makes the “luxury” of ordering an Uber something you can indulge in a little more often than you may have (or should have) before.

If you do not have Uber yet, what are you waiting for! sign up here to get $5 off each of your first 2 rides! Get Uber Here

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